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Ultimate Beach Look Guide

Jun 20, 2022 – Posted in: Style Journal

Summer is here, and whether the beach is down the street or a plane ride away, lazy days in the sand are quintessential to the season. Swimsuits, sunglasses, and totes are selected with care, but what about beach bling? Even though we love mix and matching a lot of pieces, we do recommend keeping jewellery to a minimum when it comes to the beach. Fewer accessories will ensure that the day runs smoothly, but even beyond that, summer is the season of carefree simple living. After all, the key to flawless beach accessories is effortless sophistication.

Beach Necklaces

One of the things that you should embrace this summertime is the colourful accessory collection. Come on; summer is fun, and so your fashion should be fun, too. Don't limit yourself to the essential pieces you love to wear all through the year. Inject something fresh to your wardrobe like a statement necklace of different colours or a mix of pearl necklaces. Embrace unique jewellery because that is the only way you will stand out.

Wear them Anklets

Although not as noticeable as other beach jewellery pieces, ankles have a way to make you feel sexy when you are hitting the sand in your bikini or your light maxi dress. If you want to channel your inner bohemian this summertime, don't hesitate to wear an anklet. They are the perfect way to spruce up your beach attire. You can wear a single chain anklet on one leg, or you can combine a chain anklet on one and a colourful beaded one on the other.

Gold hoop earrings

You wanna turn heads on the sunshine? One way to achieve it is by wearing hoop earrings on the beach. Hoop earrings will add a classy sophisticated style to your beach look. Choose elegant gold earrings with sparkling zircons for your nights out on the beach, or try more colourful hoops for a seductive day look near the pool.

Whatever you choose, make sure your pieces are comfortable to wear. And, the most important things of all, hold on to your personal style and taste. Not any trend that is trending at the moment is the choice for you if it doesn’t match with who you really are!



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