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Meet the Founders

We are Aliki and Danai, twin sisters and the founders of Reve Jewel.

Our journey began with a shared passion for fashion and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of jewellery. For years it was very difficult for us to find the kind of jewellery that we actually wanted to wear. It seemed the market lacked options that embodied the essence of what we sought: Quality and originality at accessible pricing.

Feeling frustrated by this gap, we decided to take a bold step forward and create it on our own.

 We named our brand “Reve,” after the French word for “dream,” symbolizing our commitment to creating a community where women could dare to dream and express themselves boldly.

At Reve Jewel, our focus isn’t just about making jewellery that look pretty; it’s about empowering women to feel confident. Our pieces serve as daily reminders of the strength and beauty of the women that wear them.


When we think about our business with the framework of sustainability, we know it impacts both our planet and people in it. So it’s our job to ensure we can trace every material we use and piece of jewellery we create back to its original source. The huge benefit of ‘100% handmade in Greece’ is that we work hand in hand with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the sourcing and craftsmanship of our pieces are done in compliance with the most comprehensive sustainability standards and international best practices available.


Quality is the cornerstone of our ethos guiding every step of our jewellery-making process. We say no to factories and mass productions, preferring instead the personalised touch of our skilled Greek artisans.
Each jewellery piece is meticulously crafted to order, ensuring that it embodies the exacting standards our customers deserve. Designed and meticulously crafted in Greece, each jewellery piece reflects the rich heritage of Greek artistry, ensuring that every detail embodies the excellence our customers deserve.

Come and Say Hi

You can now shop our entire lineup of fine favorites in our showroom. Come and say hi, we would love to meet you!

You can visit our showroom only by appointment, so if you’re interested to book yours, simply call us: +302109630216

Working Hours

Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 12:00 – 16:00

Showroom Address

Leoforos Vouliagmenis 85, Glyfada, 166 74
City Plaza Center