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Meet the Founders

We are Aliki and Danai, we are twin sisters and the founders of Reve Jewel.

We have always been passionate about jewellery and fashion, but it was very difficult to find the kind of jewellery that we actually wanted to wear. A jewellery that once you had it on it made you feel good, it gave you a sparkle and it made you shine, and it did all this without being too expensive.

So, instead of settling to what the market had, we decided to take a leap of faith in our vision and create it ourselves. We dreamed what the ideal jewellery piece would be like. We decided it should be a jewellery piece that would make you feel confident, capable and unique. And the ingredients would be quality, longevity, originality and affordability.

We called our brand Reve, french word for ‘dream’, because we believe dreaming big starts with a sparkle.


When we think about our business with the framework of sustainability, we know it impacts both our planet and people in it. So it’s our job to ensure we can trace every material we use and piece of jewellery we create back to it’s original source. The huge benefit of ‘100% handmade in Greece’, is that we work hand to hand with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the sourcing and craftmanship of our pieces are done in compliance with the most comprehensive sustainability standars and international best practices available.


Quality has always been our number one priority, that’s why we say no to factories and cheap mass productions. Every single jewellery piece is made to order by our very skilled production team that is 100% committed to provide you the exact jewellery piece you deserve.

Come and Say Hi

You can now shop our entire lineup of fine favorites in our showroom.

Come and say hi, we would love to meet you!

You can visit our showroom only by appointment, so if you’re interested to book yours, simply call us: +302109630216

Working Hours:
Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 12:00 – 16:00

Leoforos Vouliagmenis 85, Glyfada, 166 74
City Plaza Center