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Behind Our Fine Jewellery

Our Production

Since the beginning, our first priority has been to invest in quality.

Quality of not just our jewellery but also the conditions in which it is produced.

That’s why all of our jewellery pieces are made locally in our workshop in Athens, Greece.

Our sourcing

Using their years of experience in the field, our production team is able to source a large variety of semi-precious stones.

We’ve been diligent about choosing partners who align with our values, and as we evolve, we are prioritizing materials that can be fully traced to their source of origin.

By knowing all this, we can be 100% sure that the jewellery design you choose, is not only unique and high-quality sterling silver, but also safe for your skin and health.

Our design

In every jewellery piece we design, we always mix the latest trends with a classic & minimal touch.

We aim to create a range of finishes and unique styles, combining traditional and contemporary designs.

Every design is made to order with special attention and great care. From the initial consultation right through to the finished product, our local craftsmen work every step of the way to ensure they deliver you the exact design you deserve.

We work closely with our suppliers and production team committed to respect for human rights, health and safety, as well as exceptional craftsmanship, fairly sourced high-quality materials, and sustainable environmental impact.

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