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Our Production

Our Production

In a world of fast fashion where consumers buy more and discard more – we strive to be different. At Reve Jewel, we produce timeless jewellery pieces that stand the test of time so you can keep them close to you for years to come. Every jewellery piece is made to order with special attention and great care. And when something does break or wear off over time, our first choice is to fix it rather than just replace it with a new one.

Our Materials

Our sustainable journey starts with our materials. We are committed to using only recycled silver 925 in all our pieces to handcraft jewellery that is sustainable, durable, and high-quality. Recycled silver is not mined from the ground; it’s produced from unwanted, used metal products that are melted down and repurposed into workable formats. By using recycled silver, we help to save energy, minimise greenhouse gas emissions and ensure less waste in landfills. Who knew recycled silver could help in so many ways?

Our Sourcing

We are strong believers that we can make a bigger change by combining our efforts. That is why we work closely together with our suppliers and manufacturers to enable sustainable changes throughout the supply chain. Every material used for your jewellery can be traced back to its original source – be it precious stones, gold, or freshwater pearls. This way, we are 100% sure that every jewellery piece you choose is unique, high-quality, and safe for your skin.

Our Design

Every piece in our collection starts with the design team. We get inspired by everything around us, inspiration can come from modern designs & patterns or a vintage ring our grandma owns. Each design goes through many variations in collaboration with our production team to perfect every detail – no detail is overlooked – until the piece is exactly how we envisioned it. From the initial design to the finished product, our production team works every step of the way to ensure they deliver the unique piece of jewellery you deserve.



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