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Materials & Care

We specialize in crafting exquisite jewellery using the finest materials, including high-quality 925 silver. Our collections also feature a stunning array of designs that incorporate semi-precious stones such as onyx, agate, fildisi, alongside elements like freshwater pearls and zircon stones.

Silver 925, also known as sterling silver, is an alloy composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of another metal, usually copper. This composition enhances durability while retaining the lustrous appearance of silver.

We produce our jewellery in 18k gold plated & 18k gold vermeil.

Gold plating is a process where a thin layer of gold is bonded onto a base metal. The metal used for the production of our jewellery is sterling silver.

Gold vermeil sounds fancy and it is fancy (it’s pronounced ‘ver-may’, by the way). It is the best plating you can offer your silver based jewellery. It contains a much thicker layer of gold (minimum of 2.5 microns), which increases the durability and life span of your jewellery.

Both gold plated and gold vermeil jewellery can have a similar colour appearance, as they both involve a layer of gold on the surface. However, the colour can vary based on the quality of the plating and the specific type of gold used. In general, gold vermeil might have a slightly warmer and richer colour due to the thicker layer of gold and the underlying sterling silver base.

Wearing sterling silver jewellery in water depends on the specific piece and your intentions. Generally, it’s safe to wear sterling silver jewellery in water because it is relatively durable and can handle occasional exposure to water without significant harm.

However, for the long-term preservation of your silver jewellery, it’s recommended to minimize prolonged exposure to water, especially in situations involving chlorine (e.g., swimming pools) or saltwater (e.g., ocean). These elements can contribute to tarnishing and accelerate wear over time. If you plan to frequently wear jewelry in water, you might consider opting for solid gold pieces, as they tend to be more resistant to tarnish and water-related effects.

Like all sterling silver jewellery, our pieces will tarnish over time due to exposure to elements like air, water and moisture. That tarnishing is an inevitable process for all silver jewellery, but if you take good care of your pieces, they will last for years to come. Regular care, such as professional cleaning and proper storage, can help maintain its shine and brilliance.

For those who have been with us on this journey, it’s no secret that we’re devoted fans of gold in all its glory. It’s no surprise that most of our cherished customers adore the allure of gold-toned jewellery. However, if your heart leans toward the elegance of rose gold or the timeless charm of silver, our dedicated production team is at your service to transform your dreams into reality. Simply write down your preferred colour in the notes section at our checkout page. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you require any additional guidance or support; we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

The remarkable benefit of our Greek production is its exceptional versatility – there’s scarcely a request we can’t accommodate. Whether its repairs, adjusting necklace lengths, altering product colours, or crafting personalized pieces, our capabilities are extensive. Yet perhaps most notably, we specialize in rejuvenating your jewellery to its original state at an incredibly affordable cost. This process, involving plating and polishing, takes place within our own workshop.

Feel free to reach out to us with a message, and we’ll provide you with comprehensive guidance on the essential steps to initiate this process.

Barring an extremely rare silver allergy, our jewellery poses no risk of triggering skin allergies. Unlike many jewellery manufacturers that employ nickel – a common culprit for skin sensitivities due to its longevity and luster-boosting properties – we take a different route. Recognizing nickel’s carcinogenic nature, we opt for a safer approach: if your jewellery requires a touch-up to regain its radiance, we favor repeating the plating process over subjecting your skin to nickel exposure.

In short, rest assured, our jewellery is nickel-FREE!

2 Years Warranty

Every Reve Jewel piece is covered by our 2-year warranty. That means that if your jewellery suffers a breakage or tarnishing due to a manufacturing defect, we are committed to ensuring that your piece is replaced or repaired at no cost to yourself if returned in under 2 years of receipt of the product.

To ensure your jewellery stay bright and shiny for as long as possible, keep them away from chemicals such as perfume and chlorine, and store them in a cool dry place in an individual pour of box to avoid your jewellery tangling or scratching each other. If you have any questions, please do contact us.

Don’t worry. If you’re outside of the 2-year warranty, we offer a lifetime repairs service for a small fee. From replating to resizing, we want to ensure you can wear your jewellery again and again.