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Milano Calling

Nestled in the heart of Lombardy, Milan is a city where gastronomic delights and stylish accommodations converge to create an unforgettable experience. From historic cafes to trendy bars, and from quaint trattorias to luxurious hotels, Milan offers something for every palate and preference.


Step into a fairytale world at Château Monfort, a boutique hotel inspired by the enchanting atmosphere of a medieval castle. Nestled in Milan’s historic center, this five-star hotel boasts opulent decor, whimsical themed rooms and a tranquil spa, that offers a truly magical experience.


Trattoria Madonnina

Tucked away in the charming Brera district, Trattoria Madonnina exudes warmth and authenticity. Indulge in classic Milanese dishes like saffron-infused risotto alla Milanese or tender ossobuco, all crafted with the best ingredients.

Da Giacomo

Indulge in fine Italian cuisine at Da Giacomo, a legendary Milanese restaurant renowned for its exquisite seafood dishes and elegant ambiance. Located in the fashionable Via Sottocorno district, this culinary institution has been delighting diners for generations with its impeccable service and timeless classics.


No visit to Milan is complete without sampling its iconic street food and Luini is the place to go for a taste of the city’s famous panzerotti. These fried pockets of dough, filled with gooey cheese and a variety of savory fillings, are a beloved local treat you do not want to miss!


From our trip to Milan, here are our three top recommendations for drinks. Tucked away in a cozy corner of Milan, the Doping Bar is a hidden gem that offers a unique selection of craft cocktails and a laid-back atmosphere. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic martini or a creative concoction, the Doping Bar is sure to delight with its innovative drinks and welcoming vibe. Terrazza Aperol, nestled in the bustling Piazza Duomo, offers more than just breathtaking panoramic views; it’s the perfect spot to sip on iconic Aperol Spritzes while soaking in the city’s vibrant energy. Meanwhile, Backdoor 43, located away in the charming Navigli district, invites you into the world’s smallest bar for an intimate and personalized cocktail experience we’re sure you’re going to love!