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How To Layer Necklaces

Step into Reve Jewel’s necklace layering guide, where we unravel the key principles we swear by. Have you ever questioned the ideal number of layered necklaces or found yourself in a style rut when it comes to layering ideas? Worry not; it’s time to master the art of layering. Explore bold gold necklaces, intricate beaded designs, elegant pearls, and much more.

The Golden Rules of Layering

1. Ace your Base

The piece that will act as an anchor for the rest of your look, setting the tone for what follows.

2. Contrast with Texture

Elevate your layering by incorporating intricate details, whether it’s through a double chain or a captivating charm choker.

3. Finish with a Pendant Necklace

Complete the look by adding a pendant or charm to draw the eye and create focus.

4. Get Creative

Add colour, throw in some pearls and beads or simplify with minimalist chains. Embrace the freedom to layer your jewellery in a way that celebrates your style and self-expression.

Personalise it

Infuse significance into your layers with engravable pendant necklaces. Personalize them by adding the name, letter, or a small sentence of your choice.



Make It A Set

We’ve done the hard styling work for you with our pre-made layering sets. Plus, you’ll save money when you buy them together. It’s a win-win.



What order do you layer necklaces in?

Begin by establishing a foundation with the basics and progress towards creating a balanced and visually appealing ensemble. Start with a delicate, shorter necklace that elegantly rests just above your collarbone. This serves as your foundation. Next, introduce a slightly longer pendant or chain necklace to add dimension. Finally, complete the look with your bold statement piece.

Can i combine pearls with gold for a layered look?

Absolutely! Especially during the summer, this layering combination is a must-try. Kick off your ensemble with a pearl necklace, add a medium-length gold chain, and conclude with a captivating statement piece.

Can you achieve a layered look with just two necklaces?

Certainly! Begin with a short and delicate chain, then follow it up with a longer pendant necklace. This minimalist approach allows you to make a statement with your jewellery while keeping it simple and elegant.

Is there a recommended neckline for showcasing layered necklaces?

V-neck or scoop-neck tops provide an excellent canvas for displaying layered necklaces. The neckline allows the necklaces to cascade gracefully, drawing attention to the layered effect.