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Gold Layers: The Do’s and Don’ts

Apr 10, 2022 – Posted in: Style Journal

The enthusiasm for gold layers is here to stay and celebrities are fuelling the trend with #instagrammable combinations. You don’t need to be an expert to layer up your necklace to perfection but there are definitely a few do’s and don’ts for creating an artful layered piece that looks effortlessly glamorous.

Embrace a signature shape

Extra points for a pop of colour

If you want to take your gold layered look up a notch, then choose a signature shape and let it be your focal point. A colourful pendant, a ubiquitous coin, or a pearl choker make the perfect starting point for your layers.

“If you want to create the perfect gold layered set, then go big with your pendant game.
Choose a layer-friendly pendant piece and build up from there” says Aliki, co-founder of Reve Jewel.

Our recommendations:

Remember the rule of three

Three is the magic number

In our many layering try-outs, we’ve found that a set of three pieces is often the one to win
the most hearts. This way, you can let each layer have its moment and shine without ending up with a jumble of jewels, chains, and charms vying for attention.

The ideal necklace length for your layering is:

- Choker necklace: 33 - 36 cm

- Medium necklace: 38 - 40 cm

- Longer necklace: 43 - 48 cm

Wondering where to begin? We suggest that you start your journey with three necklaces of three different lengths and be sure to mix different chain and pendant styles to add depth to your look. Try mixing delicate, dainty necklaces with longer, thicker chains but be sure to maintain a constant theme throughout.

Get inspired from the layering sets we created to make your decision easier:

Don't overcomplicate things

Simple is easy

If you want a classic gold necklace that feels casual enough to wear daily yet still look special, then the key lies in simplicity. Some of the best looks come out of thoughtfully
curated pieces that make a statement without feeling too over-the-top.

Dainty gold chains and layer-friendly pendants help create a refined yet chic look that takes
the modern woman from day to night. Beads and pearls are perfect for creating versatile, playful looks that are always on-trend.

Whatever you do, don’t try too hard to create the ultimate look. Layering is a process that should feel native, organic, and personal. Think of your jewellery as a way to express your inner self, personality, and character.

Don't combine necklaces of the same length

Keep it variable

One important rule: your layered pieces must be of different lengths. Combine long chains with medium-length and shorter chains, chokers, and Y-chains to create a balanced and mesmerizing look. Otherwise, you would end up throwing off your set’s focal point.

Our top tip? If you’re wearing a turtleneck, then long necklaces are your go-to option, while pendants look great on a V-neck neckline.

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