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4 women replied: Who is a woman you admire?

Mar 08, 2022 – Posted in: Style Journal

This year, for International Women's Day, we asked 4 beloved women of our lives to talk to us about a woman they admire. Below you will read their unique stories!

Our loving friend, Demetra.

"One woman I admire is my dear friend Ozlem. She is a very generous person, she is self-luminous, she is independent and she represents a different version of female happiness and fulfillment. When I met her, she was having dinner by herself, with no partner, no kids. Her energy was amazing. I felt like her presence in the room was enough, she was enough, because this woman didn't need any external conditions to feel complete. She completed herself. She is a woman who knows how to love, how to give, she takes great care of the people she loves, because she doesn't choose them out of necessity, but out of choice. "

Demetra's favorite pieces:

Our beloved mother & sister.

Clea: '' One woman I admire is my mother. I admire her a lot as a woman for many different reasons. She left the country she was born and raised in, Luxembourg to come live in Greece for the sake of love, but eventually she fell in love with our country as well. With her dynamism, her kindness and her courage, she finally managed to create the life she dreamed of for so many years."

Mother: ''I admire my daughters very much. My oldest daughter, has an amazing positive energy. My twin daughters, started their own company from scratch and managed to create something so beautiful, their own Reve.''

Their favorite pieces:

Our dear friend, Zeta.

"A woman I admire is my friend Vasia. Vasia, despite pursuing a successful career in Greece as an interior designer, had bigger dreams for herself. She decided to give up everything, her life here, her job, her friends and move to the UK. In London, she struggled for a long time to find the job she was looking for. After a lot of effort and patience she found her dream job at a large interior company and made her dream come true! She still works in this company, building a very successful career.
I generally admire women who believe in themselves, who love themselves and do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true."

Zeta's favorite pieces:

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