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How to Style your Gold Bracelet

Apr 18, 2022 – Posted in: Style Journal

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we think different. Beautiful, simple, everyday jewellery seems more of a best friend to us, and one of our favourites is the timeless gold bracelet. Sophisticated and elegant, a gold bracelet can instantly add a fresh feel to outfits of all kinds. So, whether you’re wearing it solo or pairing it with other jewellery, gold bracelets are undoubtedly a way to create unique jewellery moments this year.

Solo is the way to go

The idea of minimalist jewellery is nothing new. There are certain timeless pieces of jewellery that are really mesmerizing just to look at, even on their own. Gold chain bracelets, like our best-selling Grace Bracelet or our stunning Semira Cuff Bracelet, are undeniably two of our favourite solo jewellery options to add an unexpected pop of sparkle and joy to your all occasion outfits. In fact, they’re more versatile than you would ever imagine. From Zoom calls to evening outings and walks in the park, gold bracelets are the wear everywhere answer every woman needs in her life.

Creating art

Mix and match

There’s a subtle art to curating a look by stacking signature jewellery pieces. In settings where a solo gold bracelet may suddenly feel too simple, mixing and stacking can save the day.

If you’re wondering how to curate the ultimate stack, let us tell you that there’s no right or wrong. It’s more about what feels good for the vibe of the day. Add different textures, sizes, and even metals to the party and aim to create synergy out of chaos.

Styling Tip: If you dream of an elegant and refined look then choose combinations between delicate bracelets such as Lucille Bracelet and Maeve Bracelet. If you aim for a more impressive bold look, go for our Helena Pearl Bracelet and combine it with our Amelia Bracelet for an impressive yet fun look!

What about rings?

If your stack needs some more upgrading, then rings are your go-to option. For an effortless colourful look opt for our Gold Zircon Rings & our Jasmine Ring, which are delicate and perfect for mix and match of colours. If you're aiming for a more bold impressive look, our Gabriella Ring & Ofis Ring are the perfect choice for you.

Remember, the best synthesis combines old and new, mixing textures, metals, shapes and stones to create a personality-packed combination that’s timeless and personal. Go ahead, give it a try!

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