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Sun’s out, Shells out: How to Style Shell Pieces

Jun 24, 2024 – Posted in: Style Journal

Shells are the ultimate summer accessory, capturing the essence of sun-soaked beaches and carefree days. Our collection of shell jewellery brings a touch of the ocean to your everyday style, making it a must-have for your summer wardrobe.

Casual Day Out

Pair a delicate shell necklace such as our Shelly Necklace with a flowy sundress for a relaxed and breezy look. The subtle elegance of the shell necklace beautifully complements the light, airy nature of a sundress, making it perfect for a day at the beach or a casual lunch with friends. This effortless combination exudes a sense of laid-back charm and natural beauty.

Beach Vibe

Stack shell bracelets such as our Palm Beach Bracelet and pearl necklaces with shell motifs such as our Capri Necklace to add a fun and playful touch to your swimwear. The combination of these accessories brings a whimsical, ocean-inspired vibe to your beachwear, making them ideal for a beach party or a poolside gathering. The shimmer of the pearls and the natural beauty of the shells create a harmonious blend that enhances your swimwear, ensuring you look stylish as you enjoy the sun.

Evening Elegance

Combine statement shell earrings such as our Marea Shell Earrings or our impressive Shellia Earrings with a chic maxi dress for an effortlessly elegant look. The intricate details of the shell earrings add a touch of nature-inspired sophistication, perfectly complementing the flowing silhouette of a maxi dress. Whether you're attending a sunset dinner or a summer evening event, this pairing exudes an air of relaxed glamour.

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