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The Essentials Gift Collection is all about jewellery pieces that are meant to become part of your daily life – jewellery that can be worn at any time of the day and on any occasion.

Your essentials.

On specific dates of the year, we offer you as a gift a piece that we design exclusively for the Essentials Gift Collection.

This fall, we decided to offer you one of our favorite gifts so far!

The Matching Pearl Set | A beautiful duo of a matching pearl necklace & bracelet.

The Matching Pearl Set

The Matching Pearl Set consists of a beautiful timeless pearl necklace and bracelet.

This pearl choker will add a classic glamour to your strapless dresses and evening gowns, although it will just as easily add casual sophistication to your collared work shirt or V-neck sweater.

The pearl bracelet is also ideal for your everyday style. It’s a versatile style that you can dress up or down.

Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event, looking for a birthday gift, or accessorizing your everyday look, a pearl set is a versatile option for any occasion.

If you’re a woman who loves wearing pearls every day, this will definitely be your new favorite look on you!

How do I claim my gift?

We are offering the Matching Pearl Set (worth 59€) as a gift to all orders over 85€.

The gift will be automatically added to your shopping cart.

This set was exclusively designed for the Essentials Gift Collection and won’t be available to purchase once our offer ends.

Offer ends on Sunday 18.09 at midnight (EEST).


How can i style it?

All the gifts of the Essentials Gift Collection, were designed to be worn on a daily basis and be easily combined with whatever you choose to wear!

For the Matching Pearl Set, we would suggest pairing the necklace with long gold pendants and chains and the bracelet with other pearl bracelets or your elegant gold bracelet.

Some favorite picks: Maeve Bracelet, Layla Charm Bracelet, Baby Ivy Bracelet, Isabella Drop Stone Necklace, Celeste Necklace, Helmi Necklace.

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