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Essentials Gift Collection

The Essentials Gift Collection is all about jewellery pieces that are meant to become part of your daily life – jewellery that can be worn at any time of the day and on any occasion.

Your essentials.

On specific dates of the year, we offer you as a gift a piece that we design exclusively for the Essentials Gift Collection.

For the essentials gift collection – Fall Edition we have prepared one of our favorite gifts so far!

We are presenting you the

Sierra Necklace

Green Edition

Purple Edition

Introducing the unique Sierra Necklace. Crafted by a combination of a sterling silver chain & enamel details, this necklace was designed to complement perfectly your autumn looks and add a pop of colour to your everyday style. Available in two editions: the green & the purple, the choice is up to you!

 With its versatile styling options, it’s the perfect addition to your jewellery collection for this season and beyond. Choose your favorite colour and mix and match it with your gold chains & pendants to create unique, eye-catching looks that will leave a lasting impression.

How do I claim my gift?

We  are offering the Sierra Necklace as a gift to all orders over 78€.

This necklace has been exclusively designed for Essentials Gift Collection and a limited quantity has been made.

The offer will last while our limited stock lasts, so don’t miss out!

The gift will be automatically added to your shopping cart.

All you have to do is write down the colour of your choice at the notes section at checkout (Purple or Green).

How to Style your Sierra Necklace