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5 Tips to Keep your Jewellery Shiny this Summer

Jul 22, 2022 – Posted in: Style Journal

Whether you are preparing for an exciting summer in a new city or enjoying your vacation on a beautiful greek island, wearing your favorite summer jewellery is a must! However, summer is the season that our precious jewellery require a little extra love and care. While we need to take care of jewellery all year long, summer months require extra care as the warm salty beach air, sand and water exposes your jewellery to more wear and tear. We've put together our top 5 tips to help you take care of your jewellery on your vacations and keep them looking fresh and shiny all summer long!

Avoid wearing your jewellery in the sea or pool

The most frequent question we receive is if our jewellery can be worn in water and our answer remains the same: Sterling silver jewellery has no risk of tarnishing or turning green when in contact with water, but if it is repeated often, it will affect the colour of the jewellery piece. The gold or platinum plating will fade and your jewellery will return to its original silver form more quickly.

So if you want to keep your gold plated/platinum-plated jewellery beautiful and shiny, we recommend you to take it off before going in water!

Do not mix sunscreen with your jewellery

When applying sunscreen at the beach or any other cream, try to avoid contact with your jewellery, or even better, wait until the lotion is fully absorbed by the skin before wearing them. The chemicals they contain are among the main reasons your jewellery may tarnish.

Store your jewellery in a fabric pouch

Making sure your jewellery stays away of scratches will help a lot in making it look clean and shiny. Store your pieces individually in one of our fabric lined pouches or place them in a fabric box with pockets and dividers to prevent the pieces from scratching each other.

Avoid excessive sun exposure

Overexposure to the sun isn't harmful only to your skin but also to your semi-precious stones and pearls! Stones and especially pearls need to be kept away from excessive heat. Direct exposure to the sun can cause a stone to change colour over time or crack your favorite pearl necklace.

Switch your jewellery on a regular basis

As strange as it may sound, by wearing your jewellery on a regular basis, you make sure to avoid wear and tear. Frequent skin contact with your silver jewellery helps maintain its shine. So wear all your favorite jewellery pieces in turns and show more love to that forgotten silver necklace too!

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