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3 Gold Layering Sets for Everyday Occasions

Feb 18, 2022 – Posted in: Style Journal

There is something about layered necklaces that can transform even the simplest outfit to something extraordinary. Mixing colours, chains and metals, adding in old favourites, and even sharing pendants with your other half. The possibilities are endless. Although layering is quite personal, we’ve curated a list with our 3 most loved gold layered necklaces for everyday occasions. Keep reading below to discover more.

Simple, yet powerful

Layering Set III

Our Bella, Eliana, and Aurora gold necklaces come together to create a unique, sparkling layered set that will give you the daily glow you need. If you’re fond of minimalist jewelry, then this dainty set will have your heart!

For some gold-on-gold inspiration, we encourage you to combine the Layering Set III with gold plated rings and small hoops for the ultimate everyday look.

Something one-of-a-kind

With a vintage touch

It’s true, the pearl necklace has been reborn in the last years and it’s now an all-occasion basic rightfully claiming a place in your jewellery box. This one-of-a-kind layered set is made from the Essential Necklace, the Genesis Gold Necklace, the Eliana Necklace and our signature piece, the Athena Gold Coin Necklace.

If you’re looking for statement quality jewellery, then you’re exactly where you need to be. These stunners will create a mesmerizing neck mess that’s anything but boring. Wear it with your professional attire to add a level of sophistication to your business look or create a captivating daily look by pairing this set with your favourite basics.

Your everyday essentials

With a pop of blue

Lunch picnics, walks on the beach, going out with friends, day trips. Your everyday looks are beckoning you and your finest layered necklaces to show off in style. Our layering set of our Milena, Eliana and Isabella Necklaces is everything you were hoping to find for your everyday layered look. The set finishes with a hand-cut gemstone of a stunning blue colour. The pendant is always the one closest to your heart and it’s not without a reason.

Our top tip? Combine this set with your favourite white t-shirt or off -shoulder blouse to create contrast & stand out of the crowd.

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